5 Tips to Relieve Workout Soreness (BEST MUSCLE RECOVERY TIPS!!)

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These 5 tips to relieve workout soreness will show you how to recover from muscle soreness in between workouts. These muscle recovery tips will help show you exactly how to reduce muscle soreness so you can be back to the gym as quickly as possible. These are the best suggestions for muscle soreness and recovery because they are things that you can easily do at home to learn how to heal sore muscles.

There are 5 tips to reduce muscle soreness. The first of the tips to relieve workout soreness is to rehydrate before and immediately following your workout. Fluids will help flush out the toxins from your body and help prevent injury. The second of the tips to reduce muscle soreness is to get a massage or do self massage. You can use a hand roller, foam roller, ice or take a cold shower. The third of the muscle soreness tips is to use compression clothing. Some athletes swear by it! The fourth of the tips to relieve workout soreness is to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Muscles repair themselves and grow while you are at rest, so this is crucial. 8-9 hours is best. The fifth and last of the tips for how to heal muscle soreness is to snack on protein within the 30 minutes after working out. Protein helps synthesize muscle so this will help reduce soreness and help your muscles grow!

Here are the top 5 muscle recovery tips:

1) Rehydrate – Replace fluids between workouts
2) Massage or Self Massage – Increases circulation, hand roller, foam roller, ice, cold shower
3) Compression
4) Sleep
5) Snacking – Eat protein within the 30 min post-workout window

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