The TRUTH About Body Transformations!

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Body transformations are one of the most popular type of workout video being watched every day. The reason for this is that we often try and find inspiration through the accomplishments of others. When you see someone that is your same age, has the same training experience, shares some of the same challenges that you do when it comes to sticking to a workout plan and they get results…you instantly feel more confident in your own ability to do the same.

In this video, I break down the common thread behind all body transformations. Before you rush to judgment and are quick to point to performance enhancers for the results that you see, understand that they are not nor never will be a prerequisite for change. You can make an incredible body transformation without anything but hard work and a dedication to nutrition but you will share something in common with that person that took dangerous shortcuts. You both will have had a moment when you looked at yourself in the mirror and determined that you had enough of looking at the person looking back.

Something in your head will tell you that there is something far more important at the end of your transformation that exceeds whatever is standing in your way at the moment. Maybe you have a problem drinking? You can’t seem to get your drinking under control and every time you go out socially you undo all of the hard work you put in during the week in the gym simply because you do not know when to say when at the bar.

Perhaps you have an inability to stick to a healthy eating plan. The temptation of indulgent foods is too much for you to resist when you are in their presence. You know that eating them will not help you to get ripped and lean but you simply cannot say no.

Maybe your career demands that you take your body to another level in order to compete with those that are performing at the highest level. In the case of WWE superstar Jinder Mahal, this was likely his motivation. This is a wrestler that was fired by the company after spending years of being the guy who was booked to lose to the other wrestlers. He realized that he wasn’t dedicated enough to preparing himself to be the best. Now whether or not his path took a more dangerous turn than I would ever advise you as a viewer of my channel, you have to understand that the moment he made this decision it was his drive and commitment to finishing what he started that has seen him through and all the way back to the top of the WWE.

We all have obstacles that stand in our way. Most of the time, our body transformations are stopped by the most powerful obstacle of them all, our heads. If you can wrap your own mind around the reason why you haven’t been able to get to what you want and then make the commitment to change that as of today, you are much further along towards reaching your goal than you would ever imagine.

The start is what stops most people. Body transformations occur one day at a time. If you can start then the most amazing thing starts happening. You start seeing changes. The first time you see abs or the first time someone gives you a compliment, it completely energizes your pursuit. Suddenly it becomes even easier than ever to say no to whatever the temptations that were almost impossible to ignore up to now.

So what you need to do is look yourself in the mirror and honestly ask yourself what is keeping you from the transformation you know you are capable of. Set your sights square on overcoming this one obstacle and let nothing get in the way. Prepare to be inspired by your own self achievement and then sit back and watch as the entire transformation becomes easier and almost automatic.

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