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Why Men Over 40 Need To Man Up — With Clark Bartram

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What’s going on, guys? Clark here and today I want to go over something that is getting a lot of guys feeling down about themselves, losing confidence as a man, and even deteriorating a man’s sex drive – The Test “Taboo.”

What I’m referring to is the double standard that exists between aging men and women. So, how come women can go get boob implants, wear high heels, and do other cosmetic changes to “fight” aging and menopause, however, it’s frowned up when men look to getting things like hair replacement, a penis enlargement, chest implants to look more muscular – why is that?

The onset of menopause in women is seen as normal, known as “the change,” whereas low testosterone in men as they age ends up having guys perceived as half the man they once were or a sissy.

When a woman goes to seek medical attention and aid to help with menopause, it’s fine. However, when a man goes out to seek help with low testosterone, it’s frowned upon and you feel ashamed to do it. This is the part that is “taboo” that just doesn’t sit with me. Because the truth is this:

You are aging and your hormone health is going to change – that’s a fact. Seeking out ways to help yourself and work to improve this degenerative process is crucial for any aging man. If you think you’re being a man by not going to the doctor and seeking help, think again. That’s like saying you won’t go to the doctor and you end up with rotten teeth.

So, what do you do then? Get off your ass and go to a doctor to get your test levels checked.

Look at your total test versus free test levels. Also look at your estrogen levels. Along with your thyroid.

Understanding what’s changing with your body and what you need to do to fix it is so important. Not just for you, but for your loved ones – your wife, girlfriend, and family – friends, and career. It’s not worth being stubborn and saying you don’t need to visit the doctor to leave it up to chance that you won’t be able to the man you want to or once were in the near future.

Listen – it’s not bad for you as the man to have hormone problems. It’s a natural part of aging. Just as the women in your life may be dealing with menopause, you will be going through the same male-version known as andropause.

So, don’t do this because I yelled at you to do it. Do it for yourself and the ones close to you, so you don’t leave yourself susceptible to being lesser of a man than you would ever choose to be.

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