Ripped Forearms Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!!)

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If you want to build ripped, huge forearms you don’t have to do long forearm workouts to get the job done. In this video, I’m going to show you a forearm workout you can do in just 6 minutes that will help you to build bigger and more vascular forearms with just a few exercises. The key, as with any brief workout, is that you increase the intensity of your training to offset the lack of time spent training.

This forearm workout consists of just three major exercises for your forearms. It begins with an empty bar. Pick it up and start trying to do bar rolls, with your wrists bending backwards on every turn. This will work the forearm extensor muscles on the backside of your arms. The goal is to see if you can complete a full minute without stopping. If you must rest, do so briefly and then get back to the remainder of the exercise.

As soon as you put the bar down it’s time to go onto the next exercise in this forearm workout, the bar hang. This is as simple as it gets in terms of the execution of the exercise but it is difficult to actually perform for a full minute. Here you just grab onto a pullup bar, keep your arms straight, and just hang for as long as you can. Because of the fatigue you already have built up from the first forearm exercise in this circuit you are going to find this much more difficult than it looks.

See if you can go for the full minute and then immediately go back to the bar. This time, when you roll the barbell you are going to do so with your forearms bending downwards towards your thighs. This slight change will actually put all of the work on the forearm flexor muscles instead. Curl for the entire minute if you can and then put the bar down and go pick up a pair of challenging dumbbells.

The farmer’s carry is the next forearm exercise you have to try and do for one minute. Again, this normally wouldn’t be such a touch exercise, but at this point in the forearm workout and with the fatigue you have built up already this can be grueling. If you don’t have the space to walk back in forth with the dumbbells you can always walk in place. Either way, the goal is to try and get through an entire minute without having to put the dumbbells down.

You are now in the last two minutes of the workout. Once again, you’ll pick up the bar but this time you are going to perform 30 seconds of the wrist roll backs and 30 seconds of the wrist roll forwards. The burn may be so intense that you want to quit and give up, but do not. This is when the magic happens. Push yourself harder than ever before to try and get through these final 2 minutes.

From here, it’s back up to the bar once more to see if you can perform a simple bar hang for the final one minute. Not many can get all the way to the end without dropping from the bar early. Be one of the ones that does. Challenge yourself and use every last ounce of strength you have in your forearms to see if you can survive this 6 minute forearm workout.

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