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Quick Intermediate Workout Routine — 6-Minute Home Exercise Routine

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How’s it going, Abs After 40 guys? Mark here today to bring you a quick, intermediate bodyweight home workout with 6 different movements.

This workout is designed for when you need to squeeze in a quick workout, either in the convenience of your own living room like me or on-the-go while traveling. All you’ll really need is a sturdy table or step you can walk up and down. Make sure you have an arm’s length of space all around you, so you don’t end up bumping into anything.

Let me break it all down for you:

0:34 – Push-ups x 10 reps

0:53 – Alternating Lunges x 10 reps per leg

1:06 – Knee-to-Elbow Crunches x 10 reps

1:23 – Step-ups x 10 reps per leg:

1:49 – Alternating Plank x 10 reps per side

2:14 – Jumping Jacks x 10 reps

Then Rest for 60-90 seconds before starting the next round. For a complete workout, you will have to go through 3 total rounds of all 6 movements

If you’re ready to get started, follow along with me at 2:35.

There you have it, guys. A complete, full-body exercise you can go through with no equipment at all in under 15 minutes.

So, I encourage you all out there to try implementing this routine starting out just once a week. Then, after some time, increase the frequency to 2 times a week, then 3… By the time you get there, you will be ready to introduce more resistance training to really challenge yourself and help to lose weight.

What other types of workouts are you looking to do at home? Still struggling to achieve the body that as a man over 40 you deserve? Let me know in the comments below what’s going on so we can keep putting out content for you guys.

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