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How To Do Squats — Zercher Squats With U.S. Marine Clark Bartram

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What’s going on, guys? Clark Bartram here and today we’re going to do one of my favorite, not-so-well-known workouts for your lower body. It uses your legs – quads, hamstrings, and glutes – as well as your core, back, and even forearms… Zercher Squats. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Now, most people thing that leg day will only work and develop your legs, and not help you lose weight around the waist and get a six-pack. What we hammer home here at Abs After 40 is that a compound movement like this squat variation helps with both boosting your test and losing weight.

I’m going to go over what a typical squat looks like and common problems many people face, then break down the Zercher Squat variation and show you how to get down on a killer compound, big muscle workout.

1:16 – Typical Squat Mistakes: When you approach a squat rack and get ready to put the bar on your back, a lot of people like to place the bar right at the top of their back, just below where your neck meets your shoulders. This is called a “High-Bar” squat.

I encourage you to try what is known as a “Low-Bar” squat, where instead the bar sits on the back of your shoulders, in a grove where your scapula is. The problem is, not everyone has the range of motion to do this, so that’s where the Zercher Squat comes in.

2:20 – Zercher Squat: To setup for this, you can do as I have and place the barbell with a very comfortable, low weight on each end on top of weights. If you have a squat rack, an easier way is to set the guards on each side at a level about 1-2 inches parallel to waist height. Then, place the bar across the guards and load the weight you have chosen – remember, you DO NOT need to use a whole lot of heavy weight here.

With your feet, stand hip-width apart, and your toes pointed out at about a 30-degree angle underneath the bar. Get low into a squat position, with the bar resting in the crease of your elbows. You’ll be gripping the bar with this part of your arm, so make sure to squeeze the bar close not to lose grip and control the bar’s movement.

Take a deep breath in, inhaling to inflate the space below your stomach. Keep your back straight and head forward with your eyes focused on the horizon. With your weight towards your heels to help you drive upward, simply stand straight up, keeping the straight back, head up and eyes focused forward. At the top, make sure to fire your hips a slightly forward to engage your hamstrings and glutes.

A tip for breathing is exhaling at the top of the squat while breathing deep and inflating the space below your stomach at the bottom of the squat.

And there you have it – The Zercher Squat. This move hits your inner thighs, outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings, core, and replaces a cardio session with resistance, compound exercise training.

Most importantly, this move is going to help to increase your test if you are a man struggling to lose weight, build muscle, are feeling easily fatigued, and just not the man you once were. If you focus on your test levels with not only your fitness, but nutrition, and overall well-being, everything else tends to fall into place to help you get closer to the body you might have once had when you were younger and that you know you deserve.

Like how the Zercher Squat worked for you? What other workouts do you like, but seem to have trouble with? Let us know in the comments below so we can keep posting great videos like this for you guys.

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