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What Men Over 40 Need To Eat In Order To Get Six Pack Abs

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Hey guys, today I’m going to show you everything you guys 40 and up need to know about nutrition in order to get defined abs.

What I’m about to show you today is crucial because men over 40 need to be eating differently than younger guys in order to get the abs they want because of two main reasons:

Reason one: older guys naturally have lower test levels, so it’s much more important you know what to eat in order to crank up your test production

And reason number two: Your metabolism is slower than younger guys. You need to adjust your calories and macronutrients to take this into account.

Video Breakdown:

Tip 1: Use the grill to make delicious, healthy food – Meal prep my way calls for ALL of your week’s food to get prepared in under 60 minutes. The benefits of using a grill are really a no-brainer: Firstly, there’s no cleaning involved – a little high heat will clear off the metal and add a little flavor too. And plus, food just tastes better on a grill.

Tip 2: Cook meals in advance and bring them to the office. Invest in Tupperware or Ziploc bags. I keep a small cooler with me while I’m at work or on the race track with several meals handy so I can ensure that I stay fueled.

Tip 3: Invest in grab and go snacks. I always have beef jerky, rice cakes and trail mix handy at all times. These grab and go snacks last forever, are easy to store and make for perfect nourishment to keep my mind and body going.

If you’re ever in a situation where you can’t get your meal in, you’ll never have any excuse to not eat healthy.

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Now that’s a wrap on Abs After 40 week on our end, so now it’s YOUR job to get committed and get started making your fitness transformation; you owe it to yourself, guys.

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