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Thigh Fat Burning Exercise for Women

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https://www.prettykeli.com/lose-thigh-fat-fast/ 5 thigh fat burning exercises that will get you results fast! If you want to lose thigh fat fast, try these exercises asap!

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Comment Below: Have you ever tried any of these exercises or are you going to? What is your favorite exercise to lose leg fat?

Exercise Recap:
Curtsy lunge, Sumo Squats, Leg Lifts, Ball Pass, 1 leg butt bridge

Out of all five of these, my favorite has got to be the curtsey lunge. I like doing curtsey lunges and sumo squats together back to back. Instead of standing straight after I do the curtsey lunge I immediately step into the squat.

To intensify when this becomes easy I do double lunges or double squats weighted or with resistance.

Ladies, please remember getting rid of fat has a lot more to do with hormone imbalances and less with food and calories.

Getting faster results comes with getting more sleep, stressing less, eating foods that detoxify your liver, and feeling great. The more you are able to keep your hormones in check? The faster results you will see!

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