Stronger in 2 Seconds… (WORKS ON ALL LIFTS!)

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Do you want to get stronger in literally 2 seconds? In this video, I’m going to show you a workout technique that is based in science that will help you to lift more on every single exercise you do. It is based solely on the concept of creating leverage when you train for strength. Most of us do not understand how to voluntarily create leverage, and because of this, we suffer in our abilities to generate as much force during a lift as we are capable of.

The creation of this mechanical advantage or leverage relies on your understanding of the direction of force of the exercise. For instance, if I am performing a lat pulldown, I am driving the bar downward and generating all of my force in this direction by pulling down on the bar. That said, if I want to create leverage (on this and any exercise for that matter) I must always find a way to create a counterforce that is as close to equal and opposite as I can.

This counterforce on the lat pulldown is created by not just anchoring your knees under the pads but by actively driving your knees up into the pads. This creates an intense leverage that instantly allows you to lift more weight during the pulldown. Is this a cheat? Not at all. Leverage is a component of training that works its way into functional, every day lifting patterns.

The goal of your training should never be to try and remove a component of natural forces or motion but rather to invite them to be included in the activities that you are doing. You may see that by performing the exercises I show you here that the amount of weight that you are lifting doesn’t just go up a little but by a lot. That is ok. It is time to start realizing your true strength potential by taking the handcuffs off the exercises that you are doing without the leverage advantage.

Other exercises are just as easy to see how this can be helpful. Think of an incline bench press. Your goal again is to push the bar away from you with as much force as can be generated. The problem is, unless you learn to deliver an equal and opposite force into the bench and floor, you won’t ever be able to press as much as you should. The feet driving into the floor helps to drive the backside into the bench which should give you much more significant force production in the opposite direction (or that of the press in this example).

I show you how the same concept applies to a deadlift, spider curl, standing dumbbell curl and even a standing row. In the case of the row, we almost always instinctively find ways to create the stability we need to be able to push and pull with greater force. Here it actually occurs with the staggering of one foot in front of the other. You can see and feel the difference in your strength levels on the exercise with just this simple shifting of the foot.

There are many things you can do to get stronger, but the easiest and fastest one to implement is to find the techniques that you can use on every exercise to increase your body’s ability to generate leverage. If you are looking for a complete workout plan that helps you to put the science back in every workout you do so that you can be in your best shape ever, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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