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MEN OVER 40: Eat Healthy Fast — 2 Minute Dinner

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Hey, guys. Mark Mcilyar here with Abs After 40. Now, if you’re like me, coming home after a long day at work and having to cook yourself a whole meal sounds exhausting. I feel that’s why lots of men out there get discouraged about eating healthy and just decide to grab a faster, more convenient option like fast food or take-out.

What you guys don’t realize is that all you gotta do is make a quick trip to the grocery store to hit the deli and produce isles. Let me show you:

0:20 – 1 Whole, Fully-Cooked Rotisserie Chicken: You can find these gems right under the hot light, warm and ready to be eaten right there.

Now, guys, you don’t need to be eating the whole darn chicken in one sitting, because that one whole chicken is good for dinner and two smaller meals the next day. Portions also come into play when eating healthy, especially if your goal is to lose belly fat and need to be taking in fewer calories.

0:31 – Pre-Washed Bagged Vegetable Mix: No need to cut them up, wash them, or anything. Just like the chicken, these are ready to go. They’re good to go right out the bag.

What you’ll want to do first with the chicken is take off all the meat off the chicken and put that into a separate container for storage. This makes it a whole lot easier moving forward to put together another meal. You can use your hands for this, that way you don’t even need a knife or utensils a.k.a. Less clean up afterward.

2:02 – Fat-Free Ranch Dressing: Make sure to look for the “Fat-Free” on the label when purchasing the dressing of your choice. This option is still just as good, and you’re cutting out any unnecessary fat from your meal.

And that’s it! It took me, what, 2-minutes to put all that together? It really is that easy if you want to get away with not cooking or having to prepare anything crazy for a healthy meal.

Here’s the thing, guys… If cooking isn’t your thing and that’s what is discouraging you from eating healthy… AVOID COOKING. As you can see, you can go to the grocery store and have that all taken care of for you. If you’re equipped with the knowledge to know what to choose to eat, then you’re already winning half the battle of eating healthy.

What other foods do you like to eat that are fast and easy? Did you know there’s a healthier, better option that is still just as fast? Let me know in the comments below what you think.

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