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How to Lose Face Fat for Teenagers

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How to lose face fat for teenagers fast! Take the face fat test, try these exercises and face fat hacks to see results in as little as a week. You are going to love this!

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I want all of my Pretties to know that you are all beautiful just the way you are. We all have things we can improve and if your face is one of those thing? I want to help you.

Try at least 1 of the hacks and do the face exercises once a day for 7 days to see results!

Here are some apps and programs you can use to place to photos on top of each other and change the transparency to see if you lost weight in your face: Photolayers (android) or Instantblend (iTunes) or Photoshop

Face Workout: Do each of these exercises hold 10 sec break for 20 sec, repeat x3

Lips in mouth and Cheek suck in. Overlap bottom lip to top and smile. Stretch eyebrows up and mouth wide open say β€œwhat”. Exaggerate breathing in mouth upward and out mouth upward. Suck in air hard and blow out air hard.

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