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Hey, guys. Mark here with another at-home workout for you guys to start doing. I got my trusty sidekick Mojo to help me out through this advanced, full-body workout I came up with for you men over 40.

I have here 6 different exercises that we’re going to be doing today, each helping to hit the core, lower body, and upper body for a complete full-body routine. Now, let me break it down.

0:45 – Burpees x 10 reps

1:01 – Scissor Kicks x 10 reps per leg

1:16 – Alternating Jump Lunges x 10 reps per leg

1:37 – Leg Lifts x 10 reps per leg

1:58 – Mountain Climbers x 10 reps per leg

2:18 – Air Squats x 20 reps

Do this 6-exercise circuit for a total of 3 rounds to complete the workout.

Now, are you ready? Follow along with me through a round now. Ready…Set…Go! 2:31

There you have it, guys. A fast, advanced full-body workout. It may take you a little longer than 6 minutes if you’re just starting out, but make it a goal to be in the shape to finish this kind of exercise in 6 minutes.

What other kinds of workouts are you looking to do at home? Still not sure how to execute some of these moves? Unclear what level of fitness and training you’re at right now? Let me know in the comments below what’s going on.

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